On a computer.

Our Configurator

We would like to offer you an individual design of your car floor mats. Therefore, we have created a configurator with which you can easily

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This is in trend

Car Floor Mats Trends 2020

Custom-made floor mats attract more and more attention. Entitled, as we think! Many people have a chic vehicle, but what about the interior? The interior

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Man getting printed paper out of printing press

How does flocking work?

Flocking is a type of screen printing used on textile products. First, a special adhesive is applied by screen printing. Here, the adhesive layer should

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Dashboard inside car.

Doormat Edging

The edge of a doormat is not the first thing you look at and you may not even be aware of the different options. However,

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Kissen Trend 2020 - Blog - Pillow on bed

Pillow Trends 2020

Probably everyone has a pillow at home, whether as a pillow for sleeping or on the couch to relax. The shapes and designs can vary

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