Advantages of velour over needle felt articles

Different materials can be used for the processing and production of car floor mats. However, they differ in their properties and have different quality standards. The two best known materials in this carpet market segment are needle felt and velour.

Needled felt

Needle felt is a commercial article which is available in every well stocked DIY store or even in some supermarkets as a supply article in universal size. The material tends to be of poor quality, as needle felt is usually very thin. The needle felt is created by weaving several fibers together, the fiber layer being pierced by thousands of needles with barbs. The back is usually coated with a granulate or similar structure, which makes the doormat neither 100% slip-resistant nor durable. Since the floor mats in the car are exposed to dirt almost daily, they should be correspondingly robust and repellent. However, with needle-felt articles, hair, needles and other coarse dirt almost bites into the material, the reason for this is the numerous barbs in the needle felt.


Velour is a needled textile product, also called tufting, which has a soft and velvet-like surface due to the pile. The longer the pile threads or the pile, the softer the material feels, but the pile should not be too long for car mats. The fine and dense surface of velour or tufted velour prevents dirt or other particles from sticking, making cleaning very easy and time saving. In contrast to needle felt articles, a special non-slip foam base is used in the production of floor mats in the Car Mats Factory. This connects with the floor in your vehicle and can only be moved with great effort, so the slip resistance and safety while driving is guaranteed.

Years of experience with various carpet materials shows that tufted velour has the highest quality, slip resistance and durability. That is why we at Car Mats Factory only use tufted velour as material for our car mats and trunk mats. The material combined with the care and craftsmanship that we put into the manufacturing process creates robust, custom-fit, high quality products that our customers will be satisfied with for many years. For further information, simply contact our qualified personnel on site or call us for information by phone or to arrange a meeting.

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