Pillow Trends 2020

Probably everyone has a pillow at home, whether as a pillow for sleeping or on the couch to relax. The shapes and designs can vary greatly here, depending on the intended use. Of course the core function of a pillow is to be a supporting and comfortable base, but it should not be reduced to that. Pillows have a great effect on the mood in the room and can influence it through different patterns and colors. Therefore, a pillow should look good or even be the eye-catcher in the room. You have no hand for decorations and which colors, patterns and fabrics go together? No problem! With an eye-catching pillow case in the room you don’t really have to do anything anymore, because the room looks directly more homelike.

What do you have to pay attention to?

To set a long-term highlight with a pillow you should pay attention to the quality when buying. This applies to the filling of the pillow, because here, too, different materials are used, as well as the printing method and the materials used. When printing, robust and durable materials should be used so that the surface of the print on the pillow does not wear out and looks beautiful for a long time.

Popular materials and printing methods

The pillows are usually filled with down or foam, but grains or seeds are also common as filling. As a printing method, photo printing is widely used, often with an additional lettering. The advantage of this method is that your favorite photos can be printed on cushions, making them perfect as a gift for a new home or birthday. However, the motif does not remain beautiful for long and fades or wears out if the quality is poor. Therefore, caution is required here and you should inform yourself beforehand which providers use a high-quality printing process with durable materials.

Flocking as printing method

A durable printing method is flocking. In this screen printing, a special adhesive is applied to the pillowcase and then flock fibers are sprinkled over the adhesive. Mostly the material polyamide flock is used because it is extremely durable and hardwearing. The flocking process ensures that the motif is absolutely waterproof and abrasion-resistant, which makes the pillow versatile.

Individual design and creation

Of course you can set special accents with a self-designed cushion. We, the Car Mats Factory, will be happy to create individual cushions for you. You are free to choose the printing position of your desired motif and of course you can choose the color of the cushion as well as the printing itself. Our entire color palette is at your disposal. On your request we can give the cushion that certain something and integrate rhinestones into the design. Please contact us by phone or speak to our specialists on site to discuss your wishes.

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