Car Floor Mats Trends 2020

Custom-made floor mats attract more and more attention. Entitled, as we think! Many people have a chic vehicle, but what about the interior? The interior is too small when choosing a vehicle. With personalized car mats you can easily set color accents and create a wow-effect. We will show you which top three trends are particularly popular this year!

1 Flock Light

This printing process will probably never be boring! A doormat that glows day and night due to a self-luminous “fluorescent” print is simply an eye-catcher. Of course not the whole doormat is glowing, this would probably distract the driver too much, but you can flock glowing elements onto the mat with a special printing process. There are no limits to your imagination, since text as well as logos and motifs can be implemented. With this highlight your floor mat will inspire all passengers!

2 Glossy Effect

How about your own name in glitter optics? With the glossy effect, motifs and lettering can be made to really sparkle. Here a crystallizing printing process is used to give your new car floor mat that certain shine. Different colors and shapes are of course possible. This trend is not only for the girls! A cool silver or gorgeous gold combined with the car manufacturer logo transforms your car mat into an elegant accessory in the car.

3 Bright Edge Color

This trend may seem simple, but it is still the classic among car floor mats! Why? Because the simple design looks elegant, but still has that certain something presented by a colored border. The simple, minimalist design is timeless and visually enhances every vehicle. Especially popular is the combination of a black doormat bordered with a bright green or bright yellow. The interior of the car looks directly more sporty and at the same time artistic.

You too can create a real eye-catcher in your car and design your own individual floor mat! The Car Mats Factory team is always available for questions or suggestions!

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