Methods for thorough cleaning of car floor mats

The floor mats in the car have many functions and are a core component of every vehicle, so that it stays that way for a long time it needs regular care and cleaning. However, many car drivers do not know how to clean the mats properly. That can lead fast to unpleasant smells, since the floor mats in the car get most dirt off. In this blog article you will learn simple methods how to effectively clean car mats made of velour and rubber to enjoy the mats for a long time. First of all you can get an overview of the different cleaning methods for the materials and then you can read up on the individual methods.

Floor mats made of velour

Steam cleaner
Vinegar cleaner
Baking Powder
dry cleaning
Mat washing system
Foam cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Rubber floor mats

Steam cleaner
Vinegar cleaner
Baking Powder
dry cleaning
Mat washing system
Garden hose

1 steam cleaner

No chemicals are used in this method, as hot steam is used to remove dirt. The hot steam reaches the mats at high speed, pressing it deep into the pores and dissolving and removing dirt particles. Especially recommended are steam cleaners, a combination of steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner, because they work very effectively.

2 vinegar cleaners

Vinegar cleaner is already known for its versatility, so you can also use it for cleaning car floor mats. First of all the floor mats should be vacuumed to remove coarse dirt. Then vinegar is sprayed on the mats and should be allowed to act for a short time before cleaning the mats with water. The mats should be aired out well so that the vinegar smell disappears.

3 baking powder

Baking powder is especially used for odour neutralization to eliminate unpleasant smells. There are two methods of application, one is to sprinkle the baking powder directly onto the car mat and leave it to work for a few hours. Then the mat is vacuumed. The second method is to mix the baking powder with water to form a paste and apply it like a foam cleaner and rinse with water.

4 Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is used to quickly clean the car mats, but is not as thorough as most other methods. The car mats are vacuumed to remove coarse dirt and dust. Optionally you can then clean the mats with a brush. Dry cleaning does not remove odors and deep-seated dirt, but for quick cleaning this method is still recommended.

5 Mat washing machine

You can find mat washing facilities at almost every gas station or car wash. You operate the cleaning device and push the floor mat in from above. In order for the brushes to thoroughly remove the dirt, the mat must be moved up and down. Often you can choose between two options, dry cleaning and wet cleaning. For wet cleaning there is usually a grid for drying the mats.

6 Garden hose

This cleaning method is especially suitable for rubber mats. Due to the high water pressure in the garden hose you can get the dirt out of the dirt trap grooves and the corners of the mat quite quickly and easily. Dirt likes to settle there and is difficult to reach with a cleaning cloth. After cleaning, the rubber mats should dry before you put them back in the vehicle.

7 Foam cleaner

Foam cleaners are ideal for cleaning velour mats. You should remove the coarse dirt by beating before treatment. Afterwards, the foam cleaner can be applied and worked in at particularly dirty places with a brush. The foam is washed off with a damp cloth or sponge and the floor mats should dry before they are put back into the car.

8 Vacuum cleaner

This cleaning device is suitable for velour floor mats and partly for even rubber mats. In this process water is pressed into the mat fabric and is directly re-absorbed due to the suction function. Vacuum cleaners remove even deep-seated dirt from the fabric and enable a deep cleaning of car mats.

9 Detergents

Conventional detergents can also be used for cleaning doormats. The detergent must first be dissolved in sufficient water and can then be applied to the mats. While you wash the mat you should take care that the detergent does not cause strong foaming. Residues can easily be removed with water.

There are many methods to clean car floor mats. Some are excellent for intensive dirt removal, others for odour neutralization. Sample

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