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Car Mats Factory Floor Mats

Here you will find all products that we manufacture for you in the Car Mats Factory. These include car mats, pillows, entrance mats and rubber mats. On your request, individual designs are of course also possible. With all our articles the quality has highest priority. That is why we only use high-quality and durable materials and manufacture the products by hand, which enables us to guarantee a perfect fit. Accordingly, our entire product range is Made in Germany.

All our floor mats are made of velour. By using velour we can offer our customers floor mats in best quality, because this textile is durable, robust and easy to clean. Of course our car mats are handmade on our company premises. Our product portfolio includes various types and designs of floor mats, but you can of course also create your own individual floor mat with our configurator.

Without Print

The floor mats may be without print, but by no means boring! You can choose the carpet and frame color freely from our color chart and combine them as you wish. Our floor mats without print are available as two, three or four-piece sets, depending on the manufacturer and car model.


Flocking is a type of screen printing in which a special adhesive is applied and flock fibres are sprinkled in. For our prints we only use polyamide flock, as this material is particularly hard-wearing and durable. Our Car Mats Factory flocking process is characterized by the highest quality, making the print on the car mats absolutely waterproof, hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant.  

Our standard offer includes flocking on the driver and passenger side as well as a free choice of colors from our color palette, whereby the print and the edge are in the same color. Of course we also accept individual customer requests and create an individual production. In the case of individual productions, you are free to choose the printing position, this includes the front and rear car floor mats as well as the mats in the trunk.

Glossy Effect

The glossy effect is achieved by a crystallizing printing process, which we have developed and refined over the years to offer our customers the highest quality. The glossy effect is therefore just as robust and hard-wearing as all our other effects and prints.

The car floor mat can be designed completely according to your wishes. You can choose your favorite color from our color palette as well as your desired design. Our printing process promises longevity, so you don’t have to worry about the glossy effect coming off or fading over time.


This is the same principle as flocking, but we have developed a special printing process that allows the print to glow in the dark. We also work with polyamide flock and additionally with self-luminous pigments. The pigments on the floor mats are charged during the day by sunlight, giving them their own luminosity by day and night.

We recommend you to choose white or silver flock, as these colors have the strongest luminosity. However, all other colors from our color palette are also possible, but the development of the luminosity is much less.

About our products

Our Material

Here you will find all detailed information about our used velours material. As already mentioned, the car floor mats at Car Mats Factory are made exclusively of velour. This is a textile product which takes on a velvet-like quality due to cut loops in the fabric and roughened surface. The cut loops are called pile and the length of the pile threads (loops) determines the pile height. The longer the pile, the softer the textile becomes. However, with long pile there is the possibility that permanent pressure marks may occur, such as the gas pedal which is permanently moved at one point. Unfortunately this cannot be avoided, but velour is one of the highest quality materials for the production of floor mats.

With the textile used, the surface quality and density of the material are also important. The denser the material, the higher the quality of the article, which is then called tufted velour. Tufting is the most frequently used process worldwide and describes the technique for producing textile surfaces. The fine and dense surface has the advantage that dirt hardly sticks and the car floor mat is much easier to clean. The reverse side or the base of the floor mat ensures safety when driving due to its anti-slip properties. For this purpose, our Car Mats Factory uses a special non-slip foam underlay that blends in perfectly with the floor in your vehicle and it takes a lot of effort to move the car mat.

Our Car Mats Factory car mats are manufactured exclusively in Tuftverlours quality, which means that you get a durable and robust product, which is handmade for you on site and therefore Made in Germany. Read more in our blog article Advantages of velour over needle felt articles about the different materials that can be used in the production of car mats and why we chose Tuftverlours.

Glossy Effect

The glossy effect is achieved by a crystallizing printing process, which we have developed and refined over the years to offer our customers the highest quality. The glossy effect is therefore just as robust and hard-wearing as all our other effects and prints.

The car floor mat can be designed completely according to your wishes. You can choose your favorite color from our color palette as well as your desired design. Our printing process promises longevity, so you don’t have to worry about the glossy effect coming off or fading over time.


The Crystal doormat is characterized by the rhinestones that are incorporated. In our special process, we work the rhinestones into the car carpet and then glue the rivets together in a special bonding process. This enables us to guarantee one hundred percent durability and longevity for our Crystal floor mats.

There are no limits to your creativity, because in our Car Mats Factory all motifs can be worked into the car mat. Our standard offer includes 100 rhinestones, which are perfectly adequate for heart or flower motifs or initials, for example. Of course we can also design larger motifs with more rhinestones if you wish, this will have a corresponding effect on the price.

Floor Mat Fixation

Of course, our floor mat sets already include the appropriate fixation for your car model. The type of attachment varies according to car brand, model and manufacturer. There are systems with click principle, turn principle or velcro/flat band principle. Some manufacturers have also only one eyelet as a mounting, there the mats are hung in the appropriate place. From time to time there are also vehicles that do not have a fastening system. For such cases our Car Mats Factory has a universal cross-brand fastening system which can be installed in all models.



About our products

Design Individual Pillows

At Car Mats Factory you can design a pillow yourself! We make individual cushions for you with your desired print, using the same printing process as for our car mats, namely flock printing. Your desired design is applied to the cushion with a special adhesive and sprinkled with flock fibres, creating extremely hard-wearing and durable products.

You can choose the color of the pillow as well as the print freely from our color palette and we can also realize special wishes like the processing of rhinestones on the pillow. Motifs, logos or names can be used as cushion design in many different ways.


Entrance Mats

About our products

Velour Floor Mat

Our product portfolio includes all types of entrance mats and dirt-trapping mats in different shapes and colors. The mats are made of a velour carpet and are provided with a rubber coating on the edge and on the back. This gives the product a non-slip and safe surface. In addition to our indoor mats, we offer robust mats for outdoor use, which are specially designed and manufactured to provide our customers with a high quality product for their outdoor areas. 

Shape, Size and Color

Our entrance mat can be used in many ways, for example as a runner in shops, as a mat for show vehicles or in the entrance area in front of your own door. You can choose the shape and size of the entrance mats or dirt-trapping mats individually, as the Car Mars Factory also produces special formats. Therefore, our mats are also perfectly suited for business areas. In addition, you can individually combine colors from our wide color range, but it is also possible to mix certain shades.


We enable you to design the print freely, accordingly you can freely choose the print position and your desired motif. Our standard offer includes already existing print motifs and logos, but we are also happy to implement individual customer requests. This makes the mats ideal as a gift idea, as you can design the mats yourself and add your own personal touch. For business use, the mats are ideal as image or advertising media. The Car Mats Factory has high quality processing techniques which allow a precise reproduction of company logos, brand names or products.

Our Material

To be able to offer our customers a high quality entrance mat, we use velour carpet. The pile material consists of selected high-twist nylon, as this guarantees long-term durability of the printed motif and also provides a pleasant feeling of appearance. The rubber coating on the edge and back of the mat has an additional reinforcement of 20mm and is made of nitrile rubber. Thus all our articles are non-slip and reduce the risk of tripping. Our indoor and outdoor mats are washable and easy to clean so that they look like new for a long time.

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Rubber Mats

About our products

Car Mats Factory Rubber Mats

In case you prefer rubber mats instead of textile floor mats, we can also help you with this. Rubber car mats have the properties that they are extremely tear-resistant and weatherproof. Our offered articles are made of a high quality material and are color and light resistant. The rubber mats have an ideal water and dirt absorption and are therefore very easy to clean.

The rubber mats are not individually adaptable to a certain size or shape and must be ordered accordingly to the suitable car model.


Custom-Made Products

About our products

Tailored Solutions For You

You already have a very special idea of your dream product? No problem! We are open to your ideas and requirements and will be happy to implement them as individual designs. Every product from our portfolio can be individually designed, this includes car floor mats, boot mats, cushions, entrance mats and dirt trap mats. With our special flocking process we can create your own logos or lettering according to your wishes and incorporate them into the product. You can choose the colors freely from our color palette and combine them according to your wishes.

If additional products are required for your desired article, such as fixation systems for car floor mats, we will of course provide them and take this into account in the design process. The best thing is to talk to our competent specialist staff about your wishes, so that they can advise you on the possibilities of implementation and give you an idea of the price.

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