Buy the right car floor mat

Doormats in cars have the ability to visually enhance your vehicle and at the same time protect it from rapid wear and tear. Therefore, when you buy a new set of floor mats, you should pay attention to a few things so that you can benefit from the new set for a long time. This article summarizes the functions of car floor mats and explains what you have to pay attention to when buying.

Functions of car floor mats

Car owners can enjoy some of the functions of floor mats, including of course the visual enhancement of the vehicle interior. Here the vehicle owner has the free choice and can decide according to his own taste, there are no limits to the design. Plain mats are already included in the standard version of the car, but in the meantime individual designs with logos, motifs and texts in all colors and effects are also possible.

In addition, floor mats make cleaning the car easier, as the mats also act as dirt traps in the car. Dirt and grime collects on the floor mat and can be removed more easily by simply removing the carpet. This protects the interior of your car and speeds up the cleaning process.

The car floor mats not only protect the surface from dirt and grime, but also from rapid wear. Permanent pressure marks on the material of the carpet shows signs of use after some time. This is not too bad, because the floor mats can be replaced quite cheaply. However, if you had no mats in your car, the material would be damaged by the vehicle. This is not easy to replace and the repair often involves high costs. In addition, this reduces the resale value of your car.

Another function of car mats is the increased safety on rainy days. Often the shoes slip off the pedals when the sole of the foot is wet, this can quickly become dangerous on the road. Therefore, doormats made of high quality material can absorb a part of the water and dry the soles a little bit. The moisture in the mat evaporates, so you do not have to worry about the condition of the mat.

Buying new car floor mats

First of all you should think about how many car mats you need. Do you need only one mat for the driver’s side or a whole set for the front and rear seats? Then it is important to decide which material you prefer for the interior of your car and what the design should look like.

Various materials can be used to make car floor mats, but the best known are velour and needle felt. These two already differ in their production and their core structure. Velour is the higher quality material and has more advantages for the production of floor mats. You can read the properties of both materials in detail in our blog article Advantages of velour over needle felt articles. If textile materials for floor mats should not be preferred there are rubber mats for the equipment in the vehicle. These are relatively cheap to buy and easy to clean, but do not enhance the appearance of the car.

For the design there are no limits for your creativity depending on the supplier. To make your new car floor mats look good, they should be made to fit your car model. Then you can provide the floor mats with a lettering or a motif. If it is a company car, mats with the company logo are also possible. So you can provide a real eye-catcher in your car and at the same time prevent a fast wear and tear.

Because car floor mats have many useful functions it is definitely useful to equip the interior of your car with a floor mat set. As described in this article, you can choose freely between different materials and design options. The main thing, however, is that the car mats are non-slip, durable and of high quality so that your vehicle is protected and safe while driving. Our Car Mats Factory Team will be happy to advise you at any time and will answer all your questions about car mats!

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