FAQ - Configurator

FAQ Configurator

Explanation of the doormat configurator

Here we would like to give you a short explanation of the configurator.
We have tried to make the configurator as easy as possible to use and as comprehensive as possible in terms of content. 

However, most things can be explained by themselves.


The configurator currently only works 100% on a desktop computer. Unfortunately there are still restrictions on mobile phones and tablets. Not all functions can be used.

FAQ - Konfigurator

1. Select item or vehicle

First you should select the item you want to design on the right. Generally the configurator is placed on the velours floor mats.
However, you still have the possibility to design pillows or dirt-catching mats.
Another article are the rubber mats.
Here you can not design anything, this is technically not possible. You can only purchase this article.

Since the basic settings are the floor mats, you can choose your vehicle directly in the upper left corner.

2. Select floor mats, driver, passenger, etc.

After choosing the vehicle you can design your floor mats freely. In the upper area you have all detailed views of the set, i.e. driver and passenger mats and the mats in the back.
All mats can be arranged freely. Select the floor mat you want to design.

3. Select edge colors

You can choose the frame color or chain colors as you like and thus design the frame freely.

4. Select carpet color

A different carpet base color is also no problem. Just choose the right color for your vehicle. All colors can be designed freely with print and edge color.
You can see all colors in real on the website under examples/carpet colors.

Select print option
Under the print options you can choose which print you would like on the floor mats, if you want one at all.
After selecting the print, you will find a small i behind the selection menu. This again explains the individual options.

5. Select print theme or text & colors

After you have selected the desired print option, you can upload your own image under the tab Upload – always in consultation with us – or choose one of our pre-finished motifs and personalize it with an individual text.
In our example, we have chosen a motif from the car tray. Here you can also design your colors freely.
Under the option Text you can choose from a number of given fonts and also select the color of your text.

6. Select passenger side or rear mats

You can also freely design the passenger side and the rear mats if available.
Or you can also click to adjust the driver’s side.

7. Request compilation / place order

During the assembly the price for the doormat set is calculated automatically.
Now all you have to do is click on “Order in the online shop” to order your configuration.
If you are not sure and you just want to make a request, this is also possible and available in the window wich opens after clicking on “Order in online shop”.

If you want to order the product, just click on “Order in the online shop” and you generate an article in our shop system.
In the newly opened browser window, you can then add this item to your shopping cart and complete your order using the usual payment methods.