Doormat Edging

The edge of a doormat is not the first thing you look at and you may not even be aware of the different options. However, before you buy a doormat, you should take a good look at the border and decide on one option. The edge of the doormat affects the quality as it provides stability and forms a clean finish to the doormat.

Which borders are possible?

In the car floor mat industry there are different options regarding the edging of the car mat. The best known edgings are made of fabric, imitation leather or metal.

Fabric edging

Many car manufacturers use a fabric border around the floor mats for the basic equipment in their cars. In most cases, the color of this border is matched to the carpet base color, which is black or anthracite. However, this does not have to be the case, as almost any color can now be chosen for the edge of the floor mat, giving the vehicle an individual look and visually enhancing the interior.

Imitation leather edging

The imitation leather edging directly gives the doormat a noble and high-quality appearance. In order to adjust the eye-catcher optimally to your vehicle, you can choose the leather color as well as the stitching color. This gives the car floor mat your very personal character and is completely matched and designed to your taste.

Metal edge

This border is rarely chosen and is therefore a very special eye-catcher. The metal edge made of pure stainless steel is an elegant and classic carpet edging. Due to the special design and arrangement of the parts the enormous flexibility and mobility of the doormat is still given. The edging is possible with any contour and shape and no transition of the parts can be noticed, because they merge seamlessly into each other.

There are several possibilities to embellish the floor mat in a car and still guarantee a high functionality. It is best to consult an expert to find the right edging for you. The Car Mats Factory team is always available by telephone.

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