How does flocking work?

Flocking is a type of screen printing used on textile products. First, a special adhesive is applied by screen printing. Here, the adhesive layer should be applied sufficiently thickly so that the fibers subsequently adhere to it. The so-called flock fibers are sprinkled on the adhesive and anchor only in places where adhesive was applied. This makes it possible to design floor mats individually and to flock motifs or lettering onto the material. After the flock fibres have been applied to the adhesive, the flock must be charged with an electrical charge. This process causes the fibers to move vertically and stick to the adhesive. After the adhesive has dried, the excess flock fibers are blown off.

For our prints in the Car Mats Factory we only use polyamide flock, because this material is very hardwearing and durable. Our flocking process is characterized by the highest quality, making the print on the car mats absolutely waterproof, hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant. This enables us to offer our customers a high quality product, completely designed according to your wishes.

The advantages of the flocking process are above all the elastic and functional surface, which is extremely adaptable to the substrate. This is especially important in vehicles, so that safety while driving can be guaranteed at all times. Accordingly, the floor mats are non-slip and absorbent even with flocking. This means that should you ever get into the car with a wet shoe sole, the doormat absorbs the water and counteracts slipping on the pedals.

In the Car Mats Factory we have specialized in producing car mats of the highest quality and at the same time creating a visual eye-catcher. If you have any questions or suggestions, our qualified personnel will be happy to assist you at any time by phone or on site!

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