What you should know about imitation leather

Imitation leather acts as an alternative to its animal counterpart. We explain what imitation leather is and what advantages it offers.

What is imitation leather?

High-quality imitation leather looks and feels like animal leather. So the look and feel are exactly the same as the animal product, but imitation leather is not made of animal skin. In most cases the imitation leather is made of a textile fabric and a plastic top layer, mostly PVC (polyvinyl chloride). In order to make the structure of the imitation leather look like animal skin, the surface is often embossed with a grain pattern.

Advantages of imitation leather

Probably the most obvious advantage is the animal-friendliness, since no animal components are used for the production of the product. Therefore imitation leather is much cheaper than animal leather. The imitation leather is easy to process because it is available in different thicknesses and can be produced as endless material to the appropriate dimensions. Imitation leather is especially characterized by its robustness and can therefore be used in various industries. Unlike its animal counterpart, imitation leather is extremely easy to clean and maintain. With a damp cloth or water you can clean the imitation leather very quickly. The material is generally not very sensitive and therefore looks very good for a long time.


In the meantime, the manufacturing process of imitation leather has advanced to such an extent that the quality is comparable to animal leather and can keep up with it. The imitation leather can be used in many different industries and shines through its durability. There is a small difference to animal leather in the area of water permeability, imitation leather is rather water impermeable while its animal counterpart is attributed the properties of breathability and water permeability. Thanks to innovative manufacturing processes, there are now hardly any or no differences in appearance. Therefore, imitation leather is a good alternative and is even more sensible to use in some areas.

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